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Old Enough to Know

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20 August
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About the name: Aki no koe means "autumn's voice" in the japanese language. It generally refers to the sounds that one can hear in the autumn season in japan such as the insects or the wind rustling through dry leaves. I chose this name for several reasons, mainly being that autumn is my favorite season and I enjoy the japanese culture.
The more geeky part of this would be that one of my favorite anime's, Naruto, has some relation to this season. Some of my most favorite characters names appear in relation to the season. Kakashi, meaning scarecrow, is related to the autumnal season. The mating calls of the sika deer, ('Shika' is the japanese word for it, English labels it as 'sika', so 'shika' as in Shikamaru), is also prevelant in this season. I could go on, but I'll leave it at that.

Please Note: All my avatars come from vgcats.com, are badly made by me, or taken by some lovely makers. All of the icons that I totally STOLE! are credited on my piccies comments. If you like them, go thank the author by looking at my userpics and finding their name!

Another Note: Feel free to contact me on aim or yahoo, I love to talk to people.

Last Note (hehe): My blog is at akinokoe.wordpress.com. Go there to check out reviews, news in brief, and other stuff.


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